Monday, May 17, 2010

Upcoming Kansas Events

Looking for something different to do, someplace to take the kids that's a break from your normal routine? Here is a short list of upcoming Kansas events that created blips on my radar:

May 21-22   Lawrence: Art Tougeau Parade. Festivities include a parade featuring unique art creations on wheels. Sounds like fun to me! The downtown parade starts at noon on Saturday the 22nd. If you know Lawrence, you know to expect the unusual, even the zany. More info at

May 21-22   Fort Scott: Celebrating the creation of the Fort Scott Downtown Historic District. Ribbon cutting ceremony at 11:30 Saturday morning. Visit the restored old fort, a National Historic Site, or shop at the local farmers market. More info at

June 4-6  Marion: Chingawassa Days - The Marion Chingawassa Beltline railroad and Chingawassa Springs were named after an Osage Indian Chief. This festival takes place in Marion's Central Park. Event highlights include a spam carving contest, a rock/paper/scissors tournament, bed races, and lots more. See the full schedule of events at

June 5  Black Jack Battlefield 154th Anniversary. Forget what your high school history book told you about the American Civil War beginning at Fort Sumter, South Carolina. It began along the Kansas-Missouri border, and the first battle between organized militia troops took place in a field east of Baldwin City. Old John Brown was right in the middle of the skirmish. This event is especially popular with photographers and cinematographers because of its colorful and realistic battle reenactments which take place at 11, 1:30, 3:30 Check out the outstanding video at to learn more about this event.

June 12  Lake Garnett Cruisers Auto Show. From 1959 to 1972, Garnett, Kansas, was the site of Grand Prix Road Races which drew up to 60,000 racing fans to this little town. The races are only memories, now celebrated annually with an auto and motorcycle show which concludes with a ceremonial parade lap on the Lake Garnett Road Course following the awards presentation. On the web at

June 16  The Shawnee Indian Mission, Fairway Summer Workshop Series features a Native American Flute Concert by the Spirit Talkers, at 10 a.m. Wednesday, June 16.

June 18-20 Lindsborg - Midsummer's Day Festival. One of the state's best-known and most colorful festivals celebrates Lindsborg's Swedish heritage is still on my not-yet-done list. Features, food, music, dance, raising the May Pole, and did I say food? Lindsborg is always a great town to visit, an experience heightened at festival time!

June 21  Pony Express Days - 150 Year Celebration at Hollenberg Pony Express Station, Hanover. Includes a reenactment and other interpretive presentations. Where is Hollenberg? North and west of Marysville, Kansas, near the Nebraska border. For my readers in the KC metro, about a three and a half hour drive.

June 25-26  Territorial Days at Lecompton. Lecompton was the political birthplace of the American Civil War and is home to several significant historic sites. This annual festival includes reenactments, demonstrations of pioneer skills, tours, crafts, and a carnival. A special feature of the 2010 event will be a reenactment of the wedding of David Eisenhower and Ida Stover (parents of President Dwight D. Eisenhower) who met while students at Lecompton's Lane University. Info at

July 16-17 Atchison - Amelia Earhart Days. Music and entertainment, aerobatic performances, aviation displays, fair and carnival, crafts, food, fireworks. More at

Sesquicentennial Site Launched

KANSAS 150, a portal to events, programs, resources, and agencies that commemorate the the 150th anniversary of Kansas' statehood launched recently. To learn more about the celebrations planned beginning in January 2011, or to learn how you might get involved, go to:

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