Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Art TouGeau - Lawrence's Hometown Wheeled-Art Parade

Celebrating America's reliance upon, and love of, the automobile and all modes of wheeled transportation, Art TouGeau is an annual event sponsored by the Lawrence Arts Center with key support from numerous city merchants and organizations.

It's difficult for me to imagine an event like this taking place anywhere else in middle America. This university town GETS IT when it comes to supporting the arts in their many modes of expression, and that is part of what makes Lawrence a vibrant place to live or visit.

As I viewed one of the art works prior to the parade, I noticed an approaching judge, clipboard in hand. "Too bad there is no creativity in this town" I said, tongue firmly in cheek. "Yeh," she responded, "It's really a boring place to live."  We both chuckled, but in my mind I was contrasting life in Lawrence to life in the super-regulated, sprawling,  corporate-like suburb in which I have my residence. The Beige Capital* offers great services for its residents, but it sure is boring.

Following are a number of photos from Art TouGeau, with a minimum of explanation. Remember that clicking on a photo will allow you to see the image in a slightly larger size.

Beer Bottle Cap Covered Car

Isetta helicopter

Da Kuntry Pedlur

Dental Care Car

Flower Power?

Photographing the Photographer

Yellow Submarine (with appropriate music)
Is he doing this voluntarily?

After the parade - a rhythm band serenade

More photos from the Art TouGeau Parade may be seen on my Flickr photostream at

*The Beige Capital: Overland Park